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Has this happened to anyone else? I am so tried and bloated.?
I am so tired, drained that I can barely get up at the end, or sometimes even middle of the day. I feel like something is pulling me towards the floor. I am bloated and my breasts are larger and tender on and off. I swear my nipples have changed shape. I also have this uncomfortable headache that will not go away. I have been wondering if I am pregnant, but I had a small period with some milder than usual cramping (although still uncomfortable). If I was pregnant I would be 6 weeks (and I have a 5 week menstruation cycle). I think I also have an abnormally long ovulation cycle. BUT I have done several urine tests and a blood test, all have come back negative. We were not trying to get pregnant and are living abroad so we would have to move home. I feel so tired and scared, like I am loosing my mind, what is wrong with me? My doc told me to wait and see if I get my next period. Has this happened to anyone else?
First of all, don't panic honey! it's gonna be okay.

After a week or two, try again a pregnancy test. If it's still negative, you could just be experiencing a hormonal imbalance. I experienced the same before, I work in a TV production and I'm totally under stress most of the times. I remember I had abnormal menstrual cycle, I did not bleed for almost 2 mos and when it came it's a very heavy flow, I gained weight, developed pimples and my breast grew larger too. I also experienced sleepless nights, fatigue and anxiety.

See your OB very soon coz your doctor can prescribe birth control pills that can regulate your hormones.

Cheer up! =)
Lump underneath 1 nipple?
I have an abnormally large, hard lump under one of my nipples. It hasn't grown at all. I am a male, 20 years old, and I'm not sure how long I've had it for. It doesn't really hurt. I'm getting it checked out soon, but I'm curious about what it could be. Any help? Thanks.
Look i had the same thing when i was 12. i told my parents and i went to the doctors. the doctor said it was puberty and it will go away in a couple of months. your fine. promise. Oh and the guy/girl that said you have cancer its not true. you are fine. your becomeing a man.
Is my Guinea Pig pregnant?
ok, so i havent owned her long. i went to the pet store, the assistant had me convinced she was a male. yet when i brought her home i noticed she had a abnormally large appetite and she had a good round shape to her body. i started to research and figured she was a girl. i called the pet store and they admitted that she was a female and they do not seperate there genders and that three other females were pregnant. her symptom are swollen nipples, round body, large appetite, and very low activity level. help please!
yay i want a gunie pig i am so jeleus andyes shes pregnant
BFP after 3 years of trying! All my fellow TTC'ers, dont give up hope!!?
I just wanted to say to all the other ladies on here that have been TTC for so long that it almost seems hopeless...DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE!!!

I have been ttc naturally for 3 years...I was told by my doctor that there was nothing wrong with me or my husband; that we were the perfect age, in perfect shape and basically perfectly healthy. We were told there was no reason that we should have any problems getting pregnant and that we just had "bad timing". And for Unexplained Infertility there is no treatment...therefore I was on my own in trying to get pregnant (well along with my hubby of course)! I thought I was going crazy half of the time, every little thing would send me straight here to Yahoo Answers asking the same questions over and over. I know I annoyed a few people on here due to the rude comments they would leave:) I am sure some of you can empathize with me!
Well I will not need to be asking the infamous "Could I be pregnant" question any more because...

I GOT MY BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Yes, yesterday morning I took a test and within moments I was looking at a very dark + sign! I can not believe it, I am still in shock and actually overwhelmed at this times with emotions but none the less I am so very happy!

Just to let you all know what this month was like for me...My last cycle was Jan 22 (a week before I expected my period, but I am very irregular) it was a abnormally light period, normally i have heavy bleeding for 3 or 4 days and after 6-7 days the bleeding is done...but this one was not heavy and it didn't go away. It did get lighter, but for 28 days I had pink bleeding everyday. Then all of a sudden it just stopped. Since then I have had a lot of white cm...cramping on and off, some sporadic twinges in my nipples but that is it. Nothing else, The only thing that made me think possibly this month was the increase is CM. I called my doctor about a week ago and was told to take a test when my next expected period was supposed to start but since my cycles are so irregular (28-38 days) I had no idea when I was even supposed to get my next period. But on Saturday my breasts felt fuller and a little tender to the touch so I decided to take a test around when I thought I should be getting my next period and I am PREGNANT:)!

I have a Doctors appointment tomorrow morning just to make sure all is well, but my doctor assured me that it all sounds perfectly fine:) I just wanted to give some more hope to all of you out there that have irregular cycles, have been trying for a long time and that have been told nothing is wrong. Don’t give up hope and keep trying.

Lots of sticky baby dust to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess I should ask a question so...anyone else have similar symptoms as me?? (If you do you may be Preggo too!!)
Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you. We have been TTC for two years. I am in the 2WW right now and it is driving me nuts. I just have a feeling about this month that I never had before. I just think this is going to be it for us.

I'm excited for you!
Did my cat have kittens?
For the last couple of months my cats stomach had been larger than usual but she eats a lot so i assumed that she was just full. But the size of her stomach never got smaller. Early last week i noticed that her stomach was abnormally larger than usual and it felt kind of lumpy and i assumed she was pregnant. Last Saturday morning she came out from under our barn and her stomach was very flabby, her nipples were wet and looked like they had been sucked and were very perky and pink, and her anal region was wet with what looked like blood or some type of fluid. She also ate more than usual. Everyone thinks that she had kittens but i do not know because i cannot see under the barn and i do not hear anything under there. She goes under there and stays a long time a lot also.
Yes your cat DEFINITELY had kittens. If I were you, I would start looking for the kittens, too. Make sure wherever your cat goes and stays for a long time is a warm place, and make sure your cat has plenty of food.

If you find the kittens, take them inside your house or wherever your cat stays and give them a cozy place to rest with blankets, and bring the mother too, lol.
My boyfriend got over excited.?
Not too long ago my boyfriend and I were in the middle of a make out session and he likes biting. He bit my nipple a little too hard and actually made me bleed. Can that do any major damage to my breast? Will my breast develop abnormally? Will I be able to breast feed in the far future?
You're fine. As long as he didn't bite it off everything will be as it should.
Depressed about my condition..?
i am Asian my complexion is abnormally pale and have sick appearance. i am the patient of asthmatic bronchitis since i was 4,i always have flue and muscle ache when i wake up in the morning and it is very difficult for me to get up in morning,gets tired very quickly after a little physical exercise and my breathing becomes irregular and my leg give out,i am always feeling tired.

when i became 10 i started to get acne and still now its invading every part of body including face,back,neck,chest,upper and lower arm,head and even hip.
3rd,my common problem is oily scalp
now i am 16 and suddenly gained excessive weight as i never was the patient of obesity in my whole live until now.
another problem is that i am the patient of constipation
as i am virgin,why is that,i have yellowish white sticky nipple discharge,the problem is not going away
i some time get yeast infection.
i am the patient of depression,GAD due to my family circumstances
my height is not growing anymore as my age fellows usually has longer heights.

why does everything has to happen to me ,is there a case i ve some disease if so can you tell what is it. any guesses?

thanks for reading a long boring list of my problems
It's nothing serious. You have to accept and not be so sensitive and analytical. We always have to live with reality. For GAD, you might take a beta blocker, if old enough. Also, check endocrine system.

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